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FROG Cooking Nights

Cooking Nights with FROG are unique.

They are small journeys in space and time, through world's cuisines, forgotten places or yet undiscovered ones. 

We invite you to join us and discover the happiness that goes through the stomach and the joy of sitting together round the table.

A Cooking Night's recipe

We set up a fairy tale place

We cook together, then have dinner and talk all night

...we choose a theme for the event

Your contribution goes to the FROG piggy-bank!

Everyone's invited to dinner

We cook for children with cancer from Marie Curie Hospital


Where do Cooking Nights take place?

We transform places all over Bucharest in order to create unique experiences.

We feel like home at Atelier FROG, but you might also find us in beautiful abandoned buildings, gardens or other hidden places. We let you know the exact place on facebook.

Which are the chosen themes?

Anything we please! We experiment everything: from world's cuisine (greek, italian, cuban etc) to the best dishes to serve at a wine tasting or how to prepare party food, we test all sorts of ingredients or we just eat everything served in shots. You name it!

Who may join?

If you love food and want to learn more or if you just wish to meet new people and enjoy a different kind of evening in town, be our guest! 

It does't matter whether you are alone, with friends or with your partner. We would be even happier if you brought your colleagues over for an exciting teambuilding!

What if I don't know how to cook?

Cooking Nights with FROG are not culinary demonstrations and you don't have to write things down either, unless you want to! We will guide you step by step and guarantee that cooking never felt more relaxing. It's also perfectly fine to just observe and enjoy others' work. We will just invite you to have a good time, meet the others and let us know about yourself.

How do I contribute?

Spreading the news to people you know would be great! Any new participant is a new friend in our colorful community. 

As you might know, lemons' price got up, the same happened with sugar, flour or electricity and exchange rates got higher :) Therefore, by contributing with 60 lei you help us cover the costs with ingredients and buy an extra pot or two.

Fundraising Cooking Night for children with cancer at Marie Curie hospital

On a  monthly basis, Cooking Nights become fundraising events dedicated to children from the oncology section at Marie Curie hospital.

FROG donates the money raised in order to ensure the children get the things they need the most.

© All photo credits belong to FROG.


We are closely collaborating with professional photographers and we would like to support them by promoting their work. Find more info on their work on our facebook page in the photo albums' description.

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