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Use our ”best sellers” list and order at least 24hrs in advance. To make sure we do have availability, as we sometimes get very busy, it's ideal to order at least  a few days in advance. Everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, so we have no stock ready to send.

OUR SUGGESTED MENU for groups of 8-10 people: 3 finger-food platters (mini wraps, vol-au-vent, blini, mini foccacias etc), 1 salad platter, 1 club-sandwich, 1 quiche, 1 cheese platter,, 1 stuffed bread, 1 duo-dips platter, 1 tart, 1 kg of any cake (brownie, portokalopita, sticky toffee pudding, cataif etc)

LOGISTICS: All products are delivered on recyclable cardboard platters. We also bring kraft paper plates, wooden cutlery and napkins. Free delivery in Bucharest for orders above 600 lei (if booked in advance and we have available drivers).

If you don't have the time to make your own selection, check our pre-designed catering menus, for various types of events, paired with drinks, lemonades and punches.


We are available via email or phone for any questions and personalised menus.


210 lei/small cake (1,2 kg)

350 lei/large cake (2,2 kg)

Carrot* cake with cream cheese frosting with a hint of orange

Cheesecake*: lemon | lemon & poppyseends | berries | chocolate | mango | white chocolate & raspberries

Pavlova (bezea) w. vanilla cream and berries / w. coconut cream and berries

Vanilla, mascarpone & berries Cake

Coffee, mascarpone & Baileys Cake

Chocolate, buttercream, chili and figs Cake

Toasted almonds, vanilla, whipped cream and berries Cake

Chocolate, mascarpone and berries Cake

Lemon, lavender, poppyseeds and blueberries Cake

Roast peanuts, caramel & chocolate Cake (just like a Snickers bar)

Merengue, chocolate, walnuts and pistachio Cake

Mango, passion fruit and mascarpone Cake

Tarte tatin with caramelised apples


*available in the large format only


210 lei/TARTA (1 KG)

Tarte au chocolat with dark choco, walnuts and orange coulis

Citronella - tart with lemons, oranges and creme fraiche

French vanilla & berries tart

White chocolate and raspberries tart

Duo chocolate tart with dark chocolate ganache and whicte chocolate mousse

Mango and pistachios tart

Frangipane (almonds) and sour cherries/apricots/plums tart

Crostata with ricotta and orange (Sicillian tart)

Mint & white chocolate tart

Banoffee Pie - bananas & caramel tart


210 lei/cake (approx. 1 kg)

Brownies w. dark chocolate and walnuts

Cataif w. vanilla cream, pomegranate and pistachio

Portokalopita - Greek traditional cake with honey, cinnamon and orange

Fruit Crumble w. apples, pears or quince and a crunchy crumble crust with cinnamon

Strudel w. apples / apples & berries / apples, quiche and pears

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Migliaccio - fine Italian cake with semolina, ricotta and pine nuts


27 lei/cupcake

MINIMUM ORDER: 12 pcs of the same type

Choco all the way - chocolate and hazelnuts base, chocolate ganache cream

Vanilla all the way - vanilla & orange base, vanilla & mascarpone cream

Chocolate, raspberries and coconut milk cream

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Pistachio cupcakes with white chocolate cream

Lemon & poppy seeds with mascarpone and lemon curd cream


13 lei/piece

MINIMUM ORDER: 10 pcs of the same type

Ciocolată neagră

Ciocolată cu lapte

Merișoare și portocale 

Ciocolată albă și caju

Caise și alune de pădure 

Susan şi goji


190 lei/bread (1 KG)

Banana & Walnut Bread

Orange Bread

Lemon drizzle cake

Ginger cake

VEGAN Banana bread / Orange bread / Pumpkin bread


170 lei/pie (1 KG)

Salmon, chevre & capers

Salmon & baby spinach

Tuna, chives and cherry tomatoes

Camembert & onion chutney

Mushrooms & blue cheese

Gorgonzola & creanberries

Leek and sun dried tomatoes

Chicken, mozzarella & herbs

Peas, broccoli, parmesan and anchovies

Quiche Lorraine (bacon & Gruyere)


27 lei (350 ml)

MINIMUM ORDER: 8 pcs of the same type

Caramelised garlic soup with wine and butter - FROG's recommendation

Cream of salmon with lemon, fennel and dill

Celery, DIjon mustard and baked apples

Corn, peanuts, tahini & lime

Sweet potato and pumpkin (if in season), with Indian spices and coconut milk 

Cream of mushrooms with blue cheese and truffle oil

Peas, mint, crunchy bacon and tofu & parmesan croutons

Chickpeas, tomatoes and Moroccan spices


190 lei/KG

Sweden forever: endives, green apples, herring, red onion, iceberg, yoghurt & dill sauce, dried cranberries

Orient Express: bulgur, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, pomegranate, lemon

Greek dream: feta, oregano, cherry tomatoes, olives, fresh salad, berries and balsamic vinaigrette

Baby Blue: blue cheese, red beans, walnuts, caramelised pineapple, mixed saad leaves, balsamic vinaigrette

Rucola love: rocket salad, mozarella with Italian herbs, cherry tomatoes, olives, basil dressing

Cous-cous-cous: with veggies, Moroccan spices, dried fruits, mint and pomegranate

AvoSal: salmon, avocado, peas, croutons, mixed salad leaves, croutons, Dijon mustard & honey dressing

Quinoa zone: quinoa, spring onion, caramelised carrots, raisins, iceberg, baby spinach

Orange dream: sweet potato and carrots baked with cinnamon, coriander and cumin, oranges, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach, lemon & orange dressing

The Forest: riso nero, mushrooms, radicchio, red cabbage, walnuts, roast pepper, spring onion, harissa

The Sea: orzo pasta, sardines, basil, parsley, spring onion, garlic, lemon, capers, olives


Vol-au-vent: 30 pcs - 190 lei/platter

(choose one recipe)

  • Camembert mousse and caramelised pineapple with garlic, honey and chili

  • Tuna and smoked trout pate, with capers & chives

  • Gorgonzola mousse, walnuts and cranberries

  • Chorizo, mango salsa and paprika cream cheese

  • chia ”taramasalata” with chives, lemon and olives (VEGAN)

Canapes: 30 pcs - 190 lei/platter

(choose one recipe)

  • Olives, anchovies and capers tapenade

  • Salmon teriyaki, cucumber and sesame cream cheese

  • Red beans pate with roast beetroot (VEGAN)

Blini: 30 pcs - 190 lei/platter

(choose one recipe)

  • Smoked salmon, cream chees with dill and capers

  • Peas mousse with mint and cruncy bacon

Mini wraps: 30 pcs - 190 lei/platter

(choose one recipe)

  • Salmon, wasabi cream cheese, baby spinach and apio

  • Avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos and coriander (VEGAN)

  • Camembert & caramelised pears

  • Kale, mango, sesame cream cheese

  • Teriyaki chicken, crunchy veggies, pickled ginger

  • Humus, onion chutney, baby spinach (VEGAN)

  • Roast veggies with Mediterranean herbs, balsamic and oregano cream cheese


  • Burrata & fresh pesto - bowl with 3 burrata balls, fresh pesto & pine nuts - 190 lei/800g

  • Orange glazed prawns with garlic, honey and chili - 190 lei/500g

  • Lemon glazed olives with garlic, honey and parsley - 120 lei/400g

Duo-Dips - 2 dips, 200g each, with pitta bread: 210 lei/platter

(choose one recipe)

  • Feta & basil || Babaganoush with aubergine, tahini, lemon & pomegranate (VEGAN)

  • Obatzda (w. Camembert, paprika & beer) || Harissa w. roast pepper & chili (VEGAN)

  • Humus w. lentils and spicy peanuts (VEGAN) || Gorgonzola & pink pepper mousse

  • Olives, capers, parsley & anchovies tapenade || Butter w. herbs

  • Anchovies butter || Humus with chickpeas and roast beetroot (VEGAN)

  • Tuna & mackerel pate || Muhammara with walnuts and roast pepper (VEGAN)

  • Yoghurt with basil, honey and garlic || Endives and sundried tomatoes paste (VEGAN)

  • Olives, figs & sun-dried tomatoes dip (VEGAN) || Smokey Mountain w. tomatoes and wine (VEGAN)

Les Fromages - 280 lei/platter

Gourmet platter with 5 types of cheese, 200g each (1 soft cheese e.g. Chevre, 2 blue cheese e.g. Camembert/Roquefrot, 2 aged cheeses e.g. Gruyere/Tilsit), various nuts, dried fruits, crackers, chuteys and jams

Cheesy seedy cake (approx. 1,2 kg): 190 lei

(choose one recipe)

  • Bacon, cheddar & pepper

  • Spinach, feta & seeds

  • Burduf cheese, spring onion, roast pepper

Club-sandwich - 30 mini sandwiches, 3 types + crudites - 210 lei/platter

Salmon, cucumber, harissa & cream cheese || Chorizo, sun-dried tomatoes, mustard & rocket salad || Gouda, celary, carrots, light mayonnaise, cranberries

Foccaccia Mini sandwiches - 20 mini sandwiches - 210 lei/platter

(choose one recipe)

  • mozarella, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes & rocket salad

  • blue cheese & tartufata

  • feta & roast beetroot

  • prosciutto & artichokes

  • aubergines, zucchini, humus (VEGAN)

  • Brie and red cabbage sauteed with sumac, chili and raisins

  • roast turkey with horseradish yoghurt

The Meaty Ones - 40 mini bites - 210 lei/platter

(choose one recipe)

  • Orange, honey and chili glazed chicken

  • Tomatoes and basil Turkey mini-bites

  • Pork with beer & mustard

  • Dates rolled in bacon

Prawn cocktail (10 mini porions) - 280 lei

individual mini cups of prawns layered on iceberg salad and Marie-Rose dressing


Focaccia (approx. 1,2 kg) - 160 lei

(choose one recipe)

  • rosemary and roast garlic (VEGAN)

  • rosemary and baked tomatoes (VEGAN)

FROG Stuffed Bread (approx. 1,2 kg, stuffed) - 180 lei

(choose one recipe)

  • burduf cheese & roast pepper

  • pesto, mozarella & olives

  • cheddar, red onion & jalapenos

  • blue cheese & tartufata

  • harissa, olives, tofu (VEGAN)

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