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We enjoy having the full picture of an event. Therefore, we cannot leave anything to hazard anymore.

We make sure that everything is in sync with our food, with the theme of the event, with the flowers and with everyone present.

FROG extras is our way of making things unique:

- design and print for food & bar menus, seating plan, name cards

- we use calligraphic writing on labels of all sorts, we even write on leaves! 

- FROG bar: welcome cocktails, refreshing punches, freshly roasted coffee selected and coffee drinks prepared by professional barista,

premium wines from Corcova Roy & Dâmboviceanu, craft beer, cocktail selection

FROG Live Cooking: indian or thai curry, slowly cooked outdoor, at night, with fluffy basmati rice,

cucumber or mango salsa, with sweet chilli sauce or creamy and fresh mint & yogurt dip, served under the spotlight,

moonlight or candle light, through steam and lovely scents, like a true festival!

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