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0723 346 140


Botanical Bistro with a relaxed Mediterranean menu, cocktails and coffee. 

24 Vasile Lascăr St.



11:00 – 21:00 MONDAY - THURSDAY

11:00 - 22:00 FRIDAY - SATURDAY

11:00 - 21:00 SUNDAY


no reservations || no private events || order and pay at the bar || we will bring the food to your table, we appreciate if you return the empty dishes before leaving || filtered water for free, of course || we do not sell bottled water || bring your own coffee mug and you get a discount || all people are welcomed || pet friendly

We love minimalism. It just didn't work out for us.

And so, we filled the bistro with the essentials of everything we love. Because we dreamt about this place for about 5 years, the essentials became quite a long list, so we developed this space full of flavours, spices, plants, lights, coffee, vanilla, ceramics, wines, old stuff, new stuff.

After finding the place, we told ourselves not much would be changed, we'd open no matter what, as the food is what really matters, During the process, not an inch was left untouched, and every little corner is exactly as we wanted it to be.

It was all intense (and extensive) and everyone in the kitchen worked very hard, catering after catering, to build this dream space.


We are cooking everything we selected as being the very best at all of our events, Our food is neither ultra healthy, nor vegan or raw. Our purpose is to be a treat, to be good, with excellent ingredients, cooked impeccably.

The Menu you see below is a GENERIC one, with grams, prices and all the legal stuff. But for each product, we change the recipes daily and your best chance is to check the display at the Bistro. 

Here you can find some Pick-up Packs that we designed for various events and you are pre-order them a few hours in advance.

You will be surprised to find spicy sauces, olive oil infused with spices or garlic, dips and salad dressings.

We have fine liqueurs, digestives and aperitifs, try them as they are in the  Jardin du FROG.section of the menu.

The Gourmet Cocktails are our own creation, based on infused alcohols and prepared without the classic bartenders show but with lots of care.

Our coffee is perfectly balanced, not too burnt, not too sour, always the same, unpretentious and good.

Yes, we allow sugar and syrups in the coffee, if this is what you want, so we created 3 "wrong" coffees with liqueurs, pieces of cakes, caramel, spices, whipped cream and other goodies.

We listen to albums and BBC Radio.

We love the East (to be read as Japan and Asia) and the West equally,

We imagine a Bucharest with clear blue skies and open hearts.


Our architects Ioana & Dan Cioclu helped refine the project and make it fluid and artsy, all under the visionary umbrella of Architect Șerban Sturdza. 

The blue for the metal steps and mezzanine is called Franklin Lakes, from Benjamin Moore.

The metal from the bathroom, surrounding the bar and framing the constellation on the stairs is called Corten and it rusts in a controlled way over time.

The bathroom taps, the heater, the lights, the watering system for plants and many more are made by us.

The concrete bar and the furniture downstairs is made by Atelier VAST. The window table is made from an old veneered wardrobe door.

The chairs are old, bought second hand from various markets and refurbished,


The wonderful three legged chairs are designed by Arh. Șerban Sturdza and we have them temporarily until you purchase them. 


Our plates are made by Poemi Ceramics.

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