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”Wedding Magic” because here is the place where the best events happen, with intense emotions and details that really matter. Your special event can, of course, be anything, not only a wedding: maybe a baptism, a beach wedding, a party in your grandmother's village, a proposal, a birthday party for your kid or a surprise party for your best friend. Any important personal event deserves the proper planning and so we bring out 10 years experience to build that magic.

If you already have the ideal venue or spot for your event, we come with everything else needed. Even if your ideal spot is in a forest, on a beach or in an old factory.

We organise in house all the basic services.

  • Catering

  • Live cooking 

  • Open Bar with the coolest of bartenders

  • Barista

  • Lemonade Bar

  • Cake Bar

  • The wedding cake

  • Flowers

  • Stationery 

  • Gifts to take home by your guests

  • Popcorn

  • Candy floss

  • Serving team

Plus wedding planning, which is our bonus with any Catering & Bar Packs, since we are already there and we truly want everything to go smoothly before and during the event. 

If there is anything else you think you need for your event (furniture, music, photography) then we can recommend lovely people to work with.

We prepared some menus, all buffet style as this is our recommendation (from an ecological, no-waste perspective). We are very flexible when it comes to menus and recipes, as long as its nothing traditional and we can be confident the result will be at the highest of standards.

Please write to us, including as many details as possible (place, no of guests, ideas you might have about decor and flowers, what you love to eat) and we'll get back to you with a personalised offer, we can meet, adjust it an eventually design your perfect event.

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