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FROG FLOWERS began at the very first wedding we catered for. We bought tulips, peonies and freesias and filled the space with spring. and colour. Gradually, flowers became a constant part of the events we organised and we are still enjoying each bouquet, candle or tiara like the very first ones we did.



At the Bistro in Vasile Lascăr 24, we are bringing a small and curated selection of fresh flowers to make bouquets on the spot. We are trying to have a mix of seasonal, delicate, elegant and exotic flowers. 


We are deighted when  we get the chance to work on most aspects pf an event, from food & bar,, to decorations, floral arrangements, candles, tiaras, bouquets, fairy lights, illustrations, stationery design, souvenirs and many more.

For large events, please write to us months in adavnce to secure our availability.



Chic bouquets with carefully selected flowers, available at FROG Bistro, Vasile Lascăr 24

We have two bouquet sizes, each perfect in its own way, with 5 or 11 flowers, arranged in a fluid, non-symmetrical style, wrapped in silk tissue paper and always tied with velvety ribbon.


Call in advance for pre-booked arrangements and bouquets 0723 346 140

Small size bouquet ”5 eclectics” - 85 lei

buchet mic.JPG

Large size bouquet  ”11 wonders” - 170 lei

buchet mare.JPG


Flowers are just a part of what completes a wedding or an event. We can (and would be very glad to) put together the design of the whole event, based on your theme. We will start from your idea (if you don't have any, that's also fine) and build together your concept to the finest details.

Some of the areas we can cover:

  • Floral arrangements for tables

  • Brides bouquets

  • Bouquets for bridesmaids, godmother, flower girl and ano other significant ladies

  • Aranjamente pentru mese

  • Wedding / Christening decorated candles

  • Tiaras, crowns, bracelets

  • Hair details for the bride

  • Boutonnieres (for the groom and best men)

  • Handmade bespoke illustrations in watercolour

  • Design for all wedding stationery (menus, seating plan, name tags, posters etc.)

  • Print for all wedding stationery of textured paper, similar with watercolour paper

  • Table napkins decoration (with string, ribons or floral elements)

aranjament eclectic cu suculente
buchet de iarnă
buchet & bouttonniere vivid
aranjament greenery & burgundy
detaliu prosecco table
aranjament de toamnă
buchet de toamnă
buchet roșu-albastru
aranjamente greenery
buchet pasteluri
coroniță cu bobițe
aranjament tropical
aranjament tropical
detaliu meniu
detaliu meniu
lumânări pastel
seating plan
aranjament eclectic cu suculente
aranjament eclectic cu suculente
aranjament eclectic cu suculente
buchet eclectic cu bumbac și orhidee
coroniță subțire de toamnă
buchet fuchsia
aranjament vintage pastel
lumânări burgundy
detaliu aranjament de toamnă
coroniță boho chic
lumânări cununie
aranjament masă miri
aranjament chic
buchet nașă
buchet mireasă alb cu bumbac
buchet nemuritor
buchet nemuritor
lumânare nemuritoare
buchet nemuritor
buchet alb-albastru
coroniță cu bumbac și flori albe
seating plan
detaliu aranjament mușchi & lavandă
detaliu Italian wedding
Italian wedding
seating plan - Italian wedding
panglici pentru nuntă veselă
meniuri nuntă veselă
seating plan
detaliu bufet
listă invitați
detaliu meniu
borcan pentru pus plicurile
aranjament masă
seating plan cu iederă
înainte de bouttonnieres
buchet vintage
buchet vintage
aranjament masă
work in progress
aranjament pink
aranjament romantic masă miri
vaze și văzuțe
buchet alb-albastru
detaliu buchet mireasă
aranjamente diafane
aranjament dusty pastel
aranjament dusty pastel
seating plan
plante pentru live cooking
perdea de bumbac
aranjament suspendat
buchet dusty pastel
work in progress
tort floral, în stilul nunții
programul evenimentului
meniu - ilustratie italy
prosecco table
live cooking 3
meniu de bar - ilustratie green
meniu & farfurie
italian wedding 3
live cooking 2
detaliu - Italian wedding
italian wedding 2
flori de câmp
decor cake bar
decor cake bar
meniu burgundy
șirag de flori
buchet diafan alb
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